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Top 5 Best Savings Apps

Kevin Gomer
13 Jun 2017

Need to knuckle down and start saving but don’t know where to start or what to do? We are lucky enough to live in a world of extremely advanced technology and one thing almost everyone owns is a phone with apps. With the amount of apps out there today some of them are actually really beneficial to your finances.
Here are our top 5 picks for the best money management apps on the market to help you get your money situation sorted.

1. Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
The ATO app organises tax and super so it is easy to access. There is a list of things you can do on the app to help you such as. Record your expenses, financial health check of your business, tax withheld calculator, see the level of return you are getting, look up a Australian Business Number (ABN), information on Self Managed Super Finds (SMSF) for trustees.

2. Acorns AU by Acorns Grow Australia Limited
The acorns app encourages you to save loose change from everyday transactions by rounding to the nearest dollar of your choice. This app is a good tool if you want to begin investing small amounts of money over a long period of time or you do not know where to start. It protects your personal information and you can choose where your money goes. Weather it be a separate account or shares.

3. TrackMySPEND by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Track My spend allows you to track all of your personal expenses wherever you are from MoneySmart. The app has a easy to read download describing how you spend your money. This application is perfect for people who are struggling with budgeting. It allows you to control your spending, view your expense history, backup all of your financial information for free and export financial information.

4. Grow Super
This app helps you to understand your Superannuation. When we hit the age of 65 and are able to retire, your super is something you will be relying on. This app helps you to manually or automatically make payments into your superfund as a way to get to your goal of what you want to be living off when you retire. It also allows you to set up a rounding amount to come out of your account when you make transactions on your bank card the money that is rounded to the nearest dollar is then transferred into your superfund.

5. PocketBook
Pocket book is an Australian budgeting app that allows you to track your expenses to work our your monthly spend. You can set up your spending limits that can help you with your budget. It also allows you to pay your bills through your banks app. This is great for someone wanting to track their expenses and stay on track with savings.