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Home Loans Advice

Kevin Gomer
05 Dec 2017

How to be a first home buyer

While many first home buyers might feel thwarted by escalating property prices in some capitals, plenty are still taking the…

Kevin Gomer
11 Oct 2017

Buying a property is a time to be excited. Don’t waste it looking for a loan.

We’ll help you find the right loan. Because we work for you, a broker will always put in that extra…

Kevin Gomer
05 Sep 2017

What to think about before helping your kids buy their first home

House prices have risen hugely in Australia in recent years, especially on the Eastern seaboard. This has led to a…

Kevin Gomer
16 Aug 2017

A General First Home Buyer FAQ guide

How much money can I borrow? We’re all unique when it comes to our finances and borrowing needs. Contact us…

Kevin Gomer
27 Mar 2017

What Would Happen to My Mortage If I Lost My Job?

Becoming a homeowner is one of the most exciting stages of anyone’s life. Finally, a place that is yours, not…

Kevin Gomer
15 Feb 2017

Refinancing To Consolidate Debt

There are many reasons you might decide to refinance your home loan – debt consolidation is just one of them….

Kevin Gomer
12 Jan 2017

8 Steps Of Owning A Home

  Whether you’re a first home buyer, or subsequent home buyer, owning your home could be one of the greatest…

Kevin Gomer
05 Jan 2017

First Home Owners Grant Now $15,000!

We have some great news for all of the first home owners looking to buy a house in 2017. With…

Kevin Gomer
24 Oct 2016

Comparing Your Home Loan

Do you truly know how to compare your home loan and find the right one for you? If you have…

Kevin Gomer
04 Oct 2016

10 Tips On How To Buy Your First Home

As many young people and first home owners can agree buying a house with a single or little income in today’s…