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Affordable Landscaping Options

Ronnie Elhaj
13 Nov 2017

A huge backyard with reams of lawn and big shady trees may sound like the ideal home garden, but when it comes to maintenance and ongoing costs – it can be a jungle out there. At Nicheliving, we are all about water-wise landscaping that requires minimal upkeep, so you can save on time and money in the long term. We’ve got a few simple tips on how to green up your outdoor areas without taking the green out of your bank account.


Green up outdoor rooms and privacy walls. Don’t let furniture, fences and walls ruin the natural feel of your garden. Buying potted plants is a nifty way of bringing some life back to the area for a small cost.


Choose native plants. Selecting the right plants for your garden is important!  Going with species that are native means they’ve already acclimatised to the seasons and require less attention. They’re also much cheaper, both in terms of cost as well as maintenance.


Invest in a young tree. Sometimes it’s easier to look after one thing instead of ten. For small gardens, planting a young tree in the corner is a relatively easy way of ensuring your backyard will fill out without looking cluttered.


Cultivate a herb garden. Small herb gardens serve multiple functions. They’re cost-effective. They’re practical. They smell nice, require little maintenance and do a good job of greening up cosy little backyards. Stores like Bunnings and Ikea sell herb and vegetable seeds, making them very convenient to grow.


Garden vertically. This is an especially handy idea for apartment dwellers. Make the most of your wall space with vertical garden kits (or making them from scratch) and filling them with herbs and plants. Not every garden has to be on the ground!


Accent with gravel. If there is a lot of human traffic in your garden, you might want to consider filling in some of the worn-out spots with gravel. It’s durable and inexpensive, and is great for creating pathways without damaging the lawn.


Use synthetic grass. Synthetic grass eliminates the need for any kind of maintenance and keeps your garden looking fresh. Just be sure to choose the right type. Obviously, the more you pay the more real it will look and feel.